I AM interested to know why pupils from Poole High School walk across the concrete jungle that is the centre of Poole to reach Poole Bus Station, instead of catching buses from inside the school grounds as is usual for secondary schools?

There are double yellow lines between Wimborne Road and the main school entrance instead of the usual yellow zigzags and I cannot see any traffic lights on the plans for cycle lanes on Wimborne Road to let buses turn across the lanes into the access road.

A large police and CSAS presence is needed every day as children come out of school, which is quite right as children shouldn’t be left at the bus station unprotected.

Would it not be a better for children to be picked up by bus from the school itself?

I live in Poole High’s catchment, so if children are being driven to the school rather than risking the journey on foot between school and bus station, that must be contributing to the congestion and pollution here on Ashley Cross.

If any of your readers can shed any light on this, whether from the bus company, school, parents, police (who have a police station sharing the access road) or anyone else who can help please write in.


Britannia Road, Poole