PETER Schiff an American stockbroker and Chief Economist at Euro Pacific Capital, criticised Ukraine's heroic, beleaguered President Zelensky for 'disrespecting' the US Congress when he addressed them via videolink from his war-torn capital, Kyiv, for not wearing a suit.

What planet does the idiot Schiff live on? (It never fails to amaze me how often people totally lacking in common sense, and IQs in single digits, manage to get so far in business).

In his insulting tweet to his 670,000 followers (hopefully that number has gone into freefall since the scurrilous comment was posted) Schiff had the gall to add 'I know times are hard, but doesn't the President of Ukraine own a suit?'

I suspect his wardrobe, if it hasn't been destroyed by Russian bombs and artillery, is the last thing on Mr Zelensky's mind at the moment.

When Ukraine's leader addressed Congress (just as when he addressed the UK Parliament) he did so under an increasingly brutal onslaught from Russian planes, missile and tanks – wearing clothing that is entirely appropriate for am a man leading the defence of his threatened homeland, who has probably had less sleep in the last month than Mr Schiff had last night.

And I'd be willing to wager every penny I have that Schiff would not display an iota of the dignity and courage shown by Volodymyr Zelensky, if he were in the same position.

Mr Schiff is an economist? He needs to economise on words and keep his disrespectful mouth tightly shut.

Angered beyond belief.

ROBERT READMAN Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth