FURTHER to the front page lead and details by Stephen Tapper on page three, I express not only concern by the shame today at being a young lifetime member of the Conservatives 75 years ago – considering the Echo report, in my opinion, all the elected BCP members should be also ashamed.

Conservatives, Liberals, Labour and Independents are failing in their duty to provide a full service at Poole Crematorium.

When a dear wife died before the current debacle raised its ugly head, I believed that in my turn to follow her on that last of life’s journey, it is my belief BCP have no concern of the immoral impact their lack of positive action will have on the relatives left to follow.

Whilst the unnamed spokesman for the authority related to Covid and improvements to the existing building, I can record the lack of planned building, I can state also the lack of planned maintenance over the recent years.

Enough financial revenue including those received during Covid, needs to be available for the installation of cremation equipment now, before the deckchair seating arrives.

It is a curse when the authorities are in the wording they hide behind an unnamed spokesman.

As a past chief inspector of construction, I remain Robert Hewitt PPICLS-LCG, a life member of Broadstone Conservative Club.

Robert Hewitt

Whitby Crescent, Broadstone