THE mounting tensions and war risks in Ukraine are deeply alarming for all of us, in all countries.

One drowning chorus from the West, it is all the fault of Russia. Blame Putin. Demonised from dawn to dust.

Nothing to do with NATO military forces - strike aircraft, strike missile systems - ever closing in on and around Russian borders.

A massive threat to Russia and the Russian people.

Of course President Putin and the Russian government are reacting with huge alarm with NATO, led overwhelming by US strike forces, eleven nuclear carrier battle fleets roaming the oceans, intent on bringing NATO forces into Ukraine.

All one and the same USSR setting up strike nuclear missiles in Cuba sixty years ago, 1962, throwing the world onto the edge of mass nuclear destruction.

Ukraine is a divided country.

The west of the country is strongly inclined to Europe.

The east Dombas region, and south west Odessa, and Crimea, overwhelmingly ethnic Russian, pro Russian.

And throw into this volatile mix in western Ukraine ultra right wing nationalists.

Ukrainian ultra right wing “Svododa” and “Right Sector” one and the same as US “Proud Boys” and “Alt Right” movement in the USA storming Washington capitol January 2021.

The USA in particular you would think after so many wars, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, the world by now would grasp USA gets foreign policy horrendously wrong - every time.

Currently the World Domesday Clock - administered by world scientist - is at 90 seconds to midnight.

The highest most dangerous setting since the Cuba nuclear crisis in 1962.

JEFF WILLIAMS Jubilee Road, Parkstone