ON CHRISTMAS Eve my doctor called me to request a face-to-face appointment at 9.25am on December 30, due to an unsatisfactory blood test.

At the meeting I explained I also had chest pains, and he instructed me to call a taxi and go straight to the acute cardiac unit at Poole Hospital.

I do not have sufficient words in my vocabulary to express the superb care, attention and understanding I received from the team.

Karlie and Richard could not have been kinder, and organised a multitude of tests in various departments of the hospital – all of which were extremely efficient.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to them all.

The following day, New Year’s Eve, I awoke to find I had a very painful rash all over my back, so I went straight to Poole Hospital A&E department, and was promptly sent to the urgent care centre where a lovely nurse, Theresa, diagnosed shingles, and as it was within 36 hours, which is critical, prescribed a medication, which is helping a lot.

Despite all the pressure at this time on our hospitals, the staff at Poole Hospital are so cheerful and kind.

My gratitude is beyond words.

However, I would like to say a simple, sincere thank you to a wonderful NHS team.


Wedgwood Drive, Poole