POOLE Borough Council are to be congratulated on their provision of parks and recreation grounds within the borough.

We moved to Lilliput some 15 years ago.

The proximity of Whitecliffe Park, and the harbourside route into Poole, was a significant factor in our choice.

I am now disabled and on a mobility scooter. The park is an important amenity which I use most days, being both an attractive route into the town as well as a waterside amenity.

Recently, the council has greatly enhanced Whitecliffe with a network of designated footpaths following the natural pedestrian desire lines.

They have also increased the provision of football pitches – always at a premium in any community.

In addition, the revised layout of Poole Park itself has skilfully integrated pedestrians and motor traffic to the benefit of both.

I am so fortunate to have retired into such a beautiful environment.