IS COUNCILLOR Jane Kelly aware of what is going on around her.

News; Demand for emergency food parcels rise by a third in one week, 6/12/2021.

In her haste to blame Covid for the increasingly large number of people having to seek aid from religious charities, she tactfully side steps many of the things that are not Covid related, which makes the living standards of people with circumstances beyond their control considerably worse than prisoners doing time.

Perhaps Jane could explain how 20 percent environment tax on gas and electric has to do with Covid.

And while she's at it, is Jane aware that the inflation rate is on course for double digits in the new year which will simply push many essential items beyond the reach of those on fixed or low incomes.

Its these little things, that when put together that lead to the dramatic drop in support for the Conservatives at the old Bexley and Sidcup election (down 19,000 votes).

Could it be that the Conservatives have regained their uncontested title of becoming the nasty party? In all fairness, I would welcome a letter from any of our MPs.

MIKE FRY Moorland Crescent, Upton