THE latest reports that state pension will increase by April 2022 to almost three hundred pounds annually, due to ‘Triple Lock’.

This amounts to seven to eleven pounds extra per week for pensioners.

Admittedly that will be useful but take into account the following: The UK pays the lowest pension rate within Europe. Twenty years in the EU did not change that.

The ‘Triple Lock’ scheme is under question with threats to end it and remember, we still have an autumn budget to come?

Already there are threats that the cost of living is going up, especially with energy bills.

This will no doubt encompass all the low paid and the pensioners – what they may give with one hand they will soon take away even more with the other.

After living in Germany for ten years I decided to return home, a German asked me ‘why are you going back to a third world country’.

I felt insulted at the time but now, I believe he was right.


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