I NOTE that Poole Central Library is to close on November 1 for at least six months and no provision has been made to provide the people of Poole with an alternative.

Considering the large area and number of people serviced by this library, one would think that some provision could be made, particularly with so many empty shop units within the Dolphin Centre and the long period of time of the closure.

The only alternative the library service suggests is the use of other local libraries, but the journeys involved, particularly for non-drivers make this both tedious and impractical.

No attention appears to have been paid to the needs of the people of Poole, particularly the old, the infirm, the mothers of young children etc.

Many of which find bus travel and walking any distance a problem which would be exacerbated by carrying heavy books.

It is not too late for the library management and the council to become aware of their responsibilities to local council tax payers and rectify this disastrous decision.


Madeline Crescent, Poole