IN THE last few months, I have travelled three times from Bournemouth by train to various destinations.

On each occasion, the return train has been stopped at Southampton due to “signal failure at Brockenhurst” and we have had to wait two/three hours for coaches to take us to our final destination.

We are always told that platform staff will assist us, but when you get off the train there is no one to be seen and hundreds of passengers looking for information and fighting to get on the coaches.

I couldn’t believe that I have just been unlucky on three different occasions so I Googled ‘signal failure at Brockenhurst’.

This problem has been frequent and intermittent since 2019.

I worked for the railways for five years and there is clearly a serious underlying issue that has not been resolved.

This is the commuter line to London, the Midlands and the North and I am sure there must be thousands of frustrated travellers that would like this issue highlighting.


Courtenay Road, Poole