SADLY the worst casualties of the removal of the road safety improvements at Keyhole Bridge have been the children who use the play equipment at Whitecliff after school at nearby Lilliput and Baden Powell Schools.

This area is still closed after the equipment was damaged during ‘high jinks’ that got out of hand as soon as the flocks of nan’s walking through nearby Keyhole Bridge were driven out by the reintroduction of cars to that tiny narrow stretch of road.

As those of us who used it and saw it in use with our own eyes remember, there were hoards of people walking through as well as many more people making their commutes by bike and/or running into work or for pleasure.

The well known link between improving road safety for walking and cycling and reducing crime in an area has been born out yet again and the people suffering are now children who have lost their play area.

The most recent research on low traffic neighbourhoods and crime in this country is by Anna Goodman and Rachel Aldred for those who care to google it.


Britannia Road, Poole