I HAD to laugh when I read an article about a beach hut at Mudeford being on the market for £570,000.

I started my estate agency career in 1969 firstly at Ringwood, then moved to a three office firm in Bournemouth.

Almost all other estate agents would not touch beach huts as they were too low in value. There was next to no commission to be had.

The firm I was with, we took on a couple, but never spent money on advertising them. Just put a photograph in the window.

In those days it was unlikely we would get free publicity in any local newspaper.

When I had my office in New Milton, again, I took on one or two beach huts if I recall correctly.

To me, a commission, is a commission. As before, did not spend much money promoting them.

Now the prices to me, are absolutely ridiculous. Glorified sheds, on in some cases, loose sand. Exposed to all the weather conditions.

I suppose, it is rather like people paying well over the odds for an expensive car, to get a certain badged name. When other cars, just as good, can be

bought for less.

With that in mind, I might consider offers in excess of £10 million for my home.

In need of complete restoration. It does come with some land.