SOME councillors say that without further building at the lowest possible rents the area will never be able to reduce its 5,000 home waiting list and key, lower paid workers may not be able to afford to live in the area.

BCP and Hampshire need to compulsorily purchase and build an eco town of 30,000 dwellings and all the necessary infrastructure on a 1,168 hectare site on green belt land around Burton and Sopley, with half the properties being social housing.

Every property to have solar panels and an electric charging point, but with no garages.

The sale of the private houses can fund electric tramways around the town to reduce car ownership, routes to Castle Lane, Ringwood and Fordingbridge, to the airport and university.

Western portion of Castleman railway from Ringwood to Poole Port.

Hinton Admiral to become a parkway station and tramway hub.

At a stroke you solve the housing register list of 5,000, reduce car usage, and reduce heating bills and send a powerful message to rest of the country what can be done at a local council level prior to the COP26 summit in Glasgow in November.


Rowan Drive, Christchurch