I HAVE yet to speak to a parent or grandparent who doesn’t want a “School Street” to keep the children in their family safe at the beginning and end of every day.

Until all BCP’s school entrances are safe the Low Traffic Neighbourhood road safety improvements will continue to be underused.

Mums for Lungs is the group of caring parents and grandparents who support and inspire school streets with accurate information and many many stories of success first in London and now all over the country.

BCP’s children and their families deserve much better than the disgraceful state of school entrances at the moment.

Blaming all parents for this instead of protecting the majority through School Street initiatives is just not on.

Even parents who have to drive children to school are horrified by the last walk from the car to the school because it is so dangerous.

If you are involved in any sort of parents’ school organisation please let them know about School Streets and Mums for Lungs.


Britannia Road, Poole