I’M TOO polite to express an opinion on Jeff Williams’ letter “Empty shelves and lack of lorry drivers? We brought this on ourselves”.

We can start by pointing out that Europe also faces a similar situation to ourselves with regards to a shortage of lorry drivers and empty shelves.

With the pandemic raging for eighteen months, some drivers were inevitably not employed in a shrinking market.

They clearly sought work elsewhere outside of the haulage industry and are reluctant to return to an occupation that simply wasn’t there when they needed it.

But on a wider context, what Europeans would want to return to a country that charges in excess of £1,200 per calendar month (13 in a year) for renting a home.

Add to that above inflation increases to council tax, water rates, gas, electric and income tax, they would have virtually no money left to make such a move advantageous on a minimum wage packet.

What we are witnessing is a change in economics with regards to our population.

Consecutive governments have kept wages down while allowing inflation to rise, punishing those who were prudent with their money and now get virtually nothing in interest on their nest eggs.

We are all dreading the future whereby caste iron pledges are broken daily with regards to the triple lock, welfare benefits and a surge in dependency on food banks that I feel will be unable to cope.

It’s interesting to note that some European countries simply require people wanting doctor or dental treatment to walk in without appointments.

The Europeans are not going to come back until broken Britain is fixed?

MIKE FRY Moorland Crescent, Upton