I NOTICED with interest your article ‘Pressure is rising for GP surgeries’.

Has this not been evident to the local electorate since the building of thousands of houses in in the south of the BCP and Wimborne areas – mostly on green belt land – with very few being built to absorb the local young population?

Where has any of the infrastructure been built in any of these areas? I am not aware that any new doctors’ surgeries are being built. Are local hospitals being expanded to take in these increased numbers, any new schools, except the replacement of the Wimborne centre primary school? And what about the roads which are in a disgusting state – no better than a third world equivalent?

In the latest plans for over 1,000 houses along from the Willett Arms, the road is in in disgusting state. Cycle lanes have been put in place along Leigh Road but are there plans to improve the rest of the road? These are only two of the disgusting roads in our area.

I would also ask what are our local MPs ,who have been voted to represent the angry population and to support the green belt, have been doing over the past few years.

I really do not know what they have been doing for their constituents over the past couple of years. In the future we all have to live with these inadequacies whilst our local government and MPs do little to improve these areas.


Middlehill Drive, Wimborne