THE Government is suggesting that people who live in the UK spend their summer holidays here.

This means that popular destinations such as the Dorset coast have a large number of visitors in August.

Why, therefore, do the council allow road closures and one way systems to be reduced to single lanes?

As a result, traffic banks up and holidaymakers become frustrated and impatient. Not a good experience in our beautiful county.

To add insult to injury, although the traffic cones are in place, there does not appear to be any work done.

Should the answer from the Highways department be essential work, I find this very hard to believe.

I would call it at best bad planning, and at worst a lack of respect for our visitors.

It must be remembered that they bring a big boost to the economy of the town which has been badly dented by Covid.

Surely we want our visitors to have a good experience and continue to come back every year.


St James Close, Poole