HOW very disappointing that BCP Council should choose to listen to the small number of ignorant individuals who oppose anything that the council tries to do to move to a more sustainable future and their latest campaign against the ‘Let it Grow’ policy.

Rather than being able to see a better, brighter future where we live in harmony with nature and allow it back in to our towns, they would see every patch of grass mowed to within an inch of its life, ensuring that it is of zero value to wildlife.

Sadly some are so alienated from nature that they see all sorts of dangers lurking in something as innocuous as a patch of long grass.

Some of the scaremongering stories that have been published recently are farcical.

Britain has one of the most degraded natural environments in the world and intensive agriculture with its extensive use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers has destroyed much of the value of the countryside for nature, eg 40 million birds have disappeared from our skies in 40 years due to habitat loss.

I believe the vast majority of residents appreciate the value and the beauty of bringing nature into our towns.

I have certainly enjoyed the ever-changing variety of wild flowers that have been allowed to bloom in our verges and parks.

Rather than reversing this policy the council should be trying to educate people on the huge benefits that it brings eg to our health and wellbeing and to biodiversity.

STEVE PLANT Magna Road, Bournemouth