WHEN Tim Davie took over as director general of the BBC last September he made it clear that one of his priorities would be to restore the corporation’s reputation for balanced reporting and coverage of issues – following increasing criticism over the way that it had become the unofficial mouthpiece of the left-wing in recent years (it all started when Blair packed the corporation with left wing cronies).

So the news that the BBC is seriously considering the ultra-left wing, anti-Brexiteer Jess Brammar (she ran the left wing HuffPost UK and used Twitter to frequently post anti-government propaganda) to oversee the corporation’s news channels, would seem to indicate that for all his fine words, Mr Davie has little intention of living up to his promise of much needed reform.

When Tim(orous) Davie made it clear that he intended to restore the Corporation’s tarnished reputation to its former shine, I suggested that his job would be even more difficult than that faced by Hercules when he was tasked with cleaning the Augean Stables.

Davie certainly won’t get far using a broom with no bristles.


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