THE next few weeks will see a contest play out with the potential to throw us back into a third deadly wave of Covid-19 infection and a resulting economic lockdown.

The primary contest is between vaccine and variant. Today the vaccine is winning with sharply rising infection and death across the country.

The continued vaccine roll-out hopefully will win the day but this is not entirely certain. Importantly, it will take time.

A dramatic reversal of fortunes in the next fortnight seems unlikely.

As we have learnt to our cost with the first two waves of Covid-19, timely action is key.

Delay is a deadly option, and a very costly one economically.

What is of great concern is the government position set out by a government spokesman on Tuesday ‘we will be able to live with this disease as we do with flu’.

They think it’s all over.

Boris Johnson is betting his political future on an irreversible return to ‘normal’ from July 19.

If he’s wrong, the ‘irreversible’ bit is going to be a big problem.

Perhaps in placing this bet, Boris does not see how many lives and livelihoods he is also betting with.


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