I READ with dismay that following the report of the appointment of Scott Parker as the manager of the mighty Cherries

, just one small paragraph at the end of the piece referred to the staff who have left the club – Stephen Purches, Simon Weatherstone, Neil Moss, Steve Hard.

Even Jonathan Woodgate has not been given the opportunity to manage for a whole season.

So much for dedication and loyalty.

Regular supporters owe these invaluable servants of the Cherries a massive expression of gratitude for their efforts over the past few years, proudly guiding the club to promotion to the Premier League five years ago.

Sadly relegation followed the traumatic events connected with the pandemic, resulting in the ‘stop/start’ season end last year.

The upheaval of Eddie’s departure from the hot seat this season, together with resultant management uncertainty, made a return to the Premier League little more than a pipe dream.

I first watched Bournemouth and Boscombe FC as an 10-year-old when we lost to Derby County in the third round of the FA Cup in January 1947.

I feel the success in these recent years surpasses all that has gone before, with just one or two exceptions.

We, and they, should be justifiably proud of their achievements whilst at AFC. I wish them all well in their careers in the future and trust lessons learned whilst at Dean Court will prove beneficial.

I wish Scott Parker and his team success in the new season, they have, in my opinion, a hard act to follow.