A LETTER in Bournemouth Echo Friday, April 30, has caused quite a furore.

It was written by Jeff Williams, a regular contributor to Echo letters.

As I understand it, from the letter and Mr Wiliams’ clarification in a comment, the point made was that police should account for night time deployment of a helicopter in respect of the huge disturbance in a neighbourhood.

I think that is a fair point.

Unfortunately though the letter was roundly misrepresented with many abusive personal comments.

Mr Williams did not say that police should not use the helicopter at night as they wake people up.

What he did say is that there is a case for police accountability.

Fact is helicopters are up there with jet engines and jack hammers for highest, close up deafening, noise levels. Low flying helicopters can wake up whole neighbourhoods.

If police are looking for a missing child, as they were doing earlier in the week, then we accept the disruption.

But it is not unreasonable to ask police why they have deployed at night. Anymore than police are acountable for use of firearms or any other issue that impacts on the general public.

These are public issues. It is right they are raised for public discussion. Not grossly misrepresented by commentators to be shouted down and reviled with highly abusive comments.


St Luke’s Road, Charminster