I REFER to your recent articles in the Daily Echo regarding the bowling green in Christchurch town centre and its possible future use.

This is a haven, a gem in the heart of a conservation area and its future use needs very careful consideration.

I appreciate the owners of the site have plans and ideas that will benefit not only their business/commercial use but also ideas that will include the wishes of residents and visitors to the town.

The first article made reference to the felling and removal of a belt of large mature trees situated between the bowling green and the castle to open up the views

This has been mooted before by the present mayor, Councillor Mrs Lesley Dedman, who in this article states that it has been a long standing ambition of hers to have these trees removed to open up the vista.

There is not a shred of evidence of safety concerns, these trees are extremely healthy and sound, both in the crowns and root systems. In my opinion, any attempt to remove these trees will be met with vehement opposition by the residents and I would front that opposition if called upon.


Chantry Close, Highcliffe