I’M LARGELY inclined to agree with A Burden’s letter supporting councillor Broadhead’s suggestion that Westover Road be widened to create a type of piazza - which I think was originally suggested and rejected a number of years ago - providing a more continental ambience with cosmopolitan people sipping pleasantly chilled drinks and nibbling olives whilst waiting for their al-fresco meals to be served.

Despite my support I rather fear the reality may be somewhat different. As a retailer in Westover Road I am besieged from many sides. The parking firstly is a matter on which I’ve previously written.

The taxi rank now occupies a significant portion of the parking bays and both the taxi-drivers and shopkeepers are unhappy with this arrangement.

Another significant and unaddressed issue is the huge rise in individuals, many of whom have drink and drug issues, temporarily housed in a (well run) hostel at one end of the road and a hotel at the other. In common with the other jewellers in this road I am compelled to employ a security guard.

In my case this is not an insurance requirement or because of the value of my stock (which is very affordable- I thought I’d pop a quick advert in here) but because of the large numbers of boisterous drunks who congregate when the pubs are open.

So then if this scheme comes to fruition will Westover Road become The Wild Westover or, more hopefully, Bournemouth’s Piazza del Popolo?


Manor Road, Bournemouth