STUART Marshall (Letters, March 23) accuses me of “polemically charged pseudo analysis” in concluding that the loss of confidence in the Oxford Astrazeneca vaccine is the fault of ‘those terrible Europeans’.

Firstly, he makes the erroneous assumption that I regard Europeans as terrible – utter nonsense, although I do regard the self-serving, blinkered, Anglophobic Eurocrats obsessed with pursuing their Hitlerian vision of an oppressive federal European superstate, as such.

Secondly my observation was not bases on ‘pseudo analysis’. Brussels’ suspension of the rollout of the vaccine in question was nothing but politically-motivated given that the UK regulatory body, the WHO and the EU’s own regulatory body had repeatedly given the vaccine the all clear.

Not a single one of the 40 blood clot events that occurred among the 17 million people vaccinated

has been definitively linked to the vaccine. It is far more likely that the infinitesimal number of people who developed blood clots following vaccination was more than likely mere coincidence and they would have developed blood clots anyway.

A ‘safety’ measure, Mr Marshall? Rubbish!

It was just another example of Eurocrats throwing their toys out of the pram because of their loathing for this country and what it represents – freedom.

And they are far more terrified of their populations catching the ‘disease’ of freedom than they are of spreading Covid.


Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth