NO DOUBT many locals like me in the BCP conurbation are looking forward to the summer but with some trepidation over the suggested influx of tourists coming to our lovely towns and bringing their lovely money.

It has been reported that BCP council are planning well in advance to ensure everyone is safe and has a great time.

The Air Show and Christmas events show how great Bournemouth can accommodate large numbers and cater for everyone and these are world class events.

Perhaps, in order to get people out and about, this idea could be extended to the entire summer season, with open bars, stages/event marquees and pop up restaurants (operated by local firms) in the square, gardens and pier approach.

And also, extend this hospitality into Poole and Christchurch and create the same buzz on the Quay(s) and High Street and Falkland Square.

Maybe a free bus shuttle service between the town centres to get tourists to venture a bit further afield than just the pier and immediate surrounds of Bournemouth Town Centre.

No doubt the cost of free public transport would be covered by the cash the tourists bring in this year. Just a thought.