I AM not part of a #METOO movement. I don’t consider myself a feminist, and I am certainly not a ‘man hater’.

I am, however, a victim many times over of sexual assault and sexual harassment by men, mainly during the day.

One word is needed to explain the current dire situation concerning the sexual abuse (verbal, and physical) of young girls and women, and it is respect.

Men simply don’t respect women anymore. Ask them, and I can assure you the ones sexually harassing girls and women will call them s**** although the point is usually made on social media.

This, unfortunately is the way men think. We cannot change a man’s thinking about women until society changes.

It has become a cultural norm in our society for some men just to hate women and there are reasons for this – extreme left views on the condemning of femininity, aggressive, laddish behaviour from women, groups that condone sexual prowess, and empowerment, corrupting young girls, and of course, men becoming desensitized through the viewing of violent porn, and men high on drink and drugs at night brawling outside the pub with so-called ladies joining in.

I am not a prude, and have on occasions walked home after eleven in the evening on my own, but luckily for me my flat was five minutes away straight along the same road that was well- lit and busy with people of all ages coming out of restaurants as well as bars. I felt safe.

I believe things have got worse for women, and because we can’t stop the way some violent men think, we have to also try to look at ways of protecting ourselves before we leave the front door in the evening.

So how do we do that when as far as I am aware only rape alarms are given to us, which don’t do much to deter rapists as they just sound like car alarms?

No! We need more support from other men, we need discussion forums about respect.

We need good male role models that can stick up for women.

What we don’t need is six o’clock curfews for men, curfews for women, or undercover cops in the pubs.