IRST, in response to Colin Beck (Letters, Feb 10), people have always developed their own ways of speaking, especially young people among their friends wanting to break free of society’s standards?

Surely the crux of the problem is that people are losing sight of the appropriate use of language and register for formal situations?

Teachers are still fighting this on the frontlines.

Secondly, David Sidwick (same day), it is interesting that in your setting out of your “new approach” (which is indeed what we need) nowhere do you talk about the responsibility of the family and specifically parents in nurturing respectful, law-abiding citizens?

And I am not talking about low socio-economic groups here, but about a culture of telling children from a very early age that the world revolves around them, solely, and punishment for rudeness or bad behaviour is unheard of.

A lot of the “damage” to young people’s belief systems is sadly done even before they start school and then continually reinforced when they go home.

It is hard to “instil values in the education of our children” when their home environment tells them that they can do whatever they like with impunity.