THE council’s draft 2050 Climate Action Plan is going through its stages.

It states it wants to eliminate our carbon footprint by 2030 and is asking the public to help identify the priorities that they should focus on first.

At the same time, this administration appears to be making moves to push ahead with plans for Wessex Fields with offices and a massive fly-over and road system into the green belt.

These will bring thousands more vehicles into the area, hugely increasing traffic and carbon emissions all along Castle Lane and destroying precious farm land and green belt.

All this when it is obvious to the rest of us that Covid-19 has changed our way of working for ever and there will be much readily available office space in Bournemouth.

There is a great deal can be done to alleviate the transport issues around our precious hospital, such as giving it its own exclusive entrance/exit on to the A338.

Placing it in the middle of a race-track, building a rat-run in front of its entrances and encouraging thousands more vehicles in to the immediate area, will only make matters exponentially worse.

This administration is also still backing the car-centric scheme for Hicks Farm in Throop.

This too will attract thousands more vehicles into a fragile and totally unsuitable area, destroying an historic village that was there long before Bournemouth was built.

We want – and our children need – more than just “action plans” and empty words that die on the doorstep of developer greed and party-political grandiose schemes.

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Chairman, Holdenhurst Village Parish Meeting

Holdenhurst Village, Bournemouth