I FAIL to understand why it is thought that a page filled with pictures of multi-millionaire, Simon Cowell, relaxing on his yacht in a tropical paradise would be of any interest to the rest of us less fortunate mortals, trapped as we are in lockdown as the global pandemic rages.

All in this together? Don’t make me laugh.

The pandemic has little or no effect on the pop-mogul’s lavish lifestyle as he lazes aboard his floating gin, or perhaps more appropriately, champagne palace, with nothing better to do than watch his fortune grow as his ‘passive earnings’ roll in (I use the word ‘earn’ advisedly).

It amounts to rubbing our noses in it, or, forgive my crudity, sticking two fingers up at the rest of us.

If there were a BAFTA for self promotion, he’d be way ahead of the field.

It would do a great deal more to lift our spirits to see pictures and read the stories of the hundreds of thousands of ordinary folk who are working their fingers to the bone and putting their lives on the line to bring the Covid nightmare to an end.


Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth