HAVE had the misfortune to spend six hours at Bournemouth hospital Saturday night having fallen and incurred head injuries. And I was appalled at what I witnessed.

Four people were not wearing masks, several had masks but were wearing them incorrectly (ie under the nose) one woman was wandering around asking people for a light for her cigarette, her mask under her chin.

One couple were extremely rude to a nurse because she was not allowed to stay with her partner even though it was explained to her that there was no room for her to sit allowing for the two metre distance.

One man acted as if it was a social outing and chatted non stop to people (not always with his mask on and when on below his nose).

With nurses working flat out to deal with sick people they shouldn’t need to be policing these incidents and should not be put in personal danger of catching the virus unnecessarily due to thoughtless ignorant people.

I am in the high risk category and needed a CT scan to rule out internal bleeding to the head.

However on several occasions during this six hour wait I was more than tempted to walk out.

There were two babies and one young child in A&E which made me feel very sad.

Could a separate room be allocated for them perhaps.

Surely there should be security on the door to deal with these virus spreading idiots?