LAST Sunday, we had our coronavirus vaccination at St Leonards and wish to give our heartfelt thanks to all those involved.

From the overworked medical staff to the volunteer marshalls who must have had better things to do on a Sunday.

The whole process ran with a clockwork efficiency that Henry Ford would have been proud of.

On a more worrying note, the week before national newspapers were suggesting that no alcohol should be consumed around the time of the vaccination.

This was due to alcohol depressing the immune system and limiting the efficacy of the vaccination.

Whilst the NHS booklet provided mentions ‘people with disorders of the immune system may not respond as well to the vaccine’, the role alcohol may play was not mentioned.

Indeed, three of the medical staff I spoke to were unaware of any problem.

The nation is relying on vaccination to release us from this pandemic, and I feel that if there is such a problem, guidance should be given when the appointment is offered.

Meanwhile, it would be helpful if anyone from the medical profession with expert knowledge on this could inform your readers.


Stour Park, Bournemouth