UNSURPRISINGLY, 50-year-old Marcia Baker, one of the two women accused by police of ‘stage managing’ the situation that lead to their arrest for breaching Covid rules, denies that it was a set up (Echo, Jan 12).

However she does admit to being ‘anti-lockdown’ because lockdowns have a detrimental effect on her small business (a tattoo studio) and is she is ‘losing her livelihood’.

She obviously doesn’t give a damn for what doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, and emergency service personnel are having to cope with.

So make what you will of her denial of being involved in a stage-managed incident designed to embarrass the police and promote the cause of the anti-lockdown mobs.

But I find astonishing that Ms Baker and her ilk are more concerned about losing their businesses than losing their lives (or for the lives of others for that matter).

We can always bounce back from economic difficulties – but there’s no bouncing back from the grave.


Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth