CELEBRATIONS and rejoicing. We have left the EU. We have our sovereignty back.

We have taken back control. Hasn’t Boris Johnson done brilliantly.

But don’t talk about what we have lost.

Don’t talk about the vast 5,000 strong customs regulatory regime we will now need at our borders to ensure regulations and standards comply.

Don’t talk about UK leaving the Single Market and Customs Union whilst Northern Ireland stays in the EU Customs Union.

Completely ignore the fact that the “trade deal” has nothing to say on the vast UK/EU mutual service industries.

This ranging from major civil engineering projects, power and energy, to financial services.

That is all now in the bin. Or at best remains entirely uncertain.

And don’t talk about the loss for all of us of free movement to and in EU countries, freedom to set up businesses, freedom to live, study, and work, where we want throughout Europe.

This is all now replaced by EU country specific visas with limited and controlled stay periods.

And ignore rising calls for independence with break up of the UK.

Scotland overwhelmingly opposed to leaving the EU increasingly demanding an independence referendum.

And Northern Ireland, how long before this province take the view they will be better off joining with the Republic, and the EU.

In short all we have had from this hacked trade deal is one vast damage limitation exercise, packaged up as a triumph.

A triumph in avoiding catastrophic no deal immeasurable continent wide damage.

And who has come out “winners”?

It has to be Europe – 100 per cent.

Despite repeated attempts by UK to divide EU opinion, country by country, and in that gain advantage, UK roundly failed.

EU countries have solidly stuck together behind the EU Commission.

Now and into the future all the stronger, united in common purpose.

We have abandoned Europe. UK-EU trading lifeboats are in place.

But beyond that I don’t know anyone who can say what we are supposed to have gained.

Except possibly avoiding self-imposed no-deal catastrophy.


Jubilee Road, Poole