I’LL probably get pilloried for saying this, but it surely cannot be long before even the staunchest Republicans wake up to the fact that their leader has flipped his lid and really should be put in a straight-jacket and carted of to a maximum-security mental hospital.

He is displaying the same kind of ‘bunker’ mentality as another Fuehrer who, in the closing days of the Second World War, shut himself away, blaming everyone but himself for his abysmal failures as the fabric of his delusional dreams fell apart around him.

Things have come to a pretty sorry pass when the President of the most powerful and richest nation on earth is silenced in mid-rant by at least seven of the countries major broadcasting networks.

It is astonishing that the man who has spent almost his entire four years in the White House has spent the last two days claiming, without an iota of evidence support his ‘conspiracy theory’, that the election has been rigged.

He’s acting more like a Banana Republic despot than leader of the free world.

I wouldn’t be the least but surprised to learn that the Statue of Liberty has dropped her torch and book and is standing in New York harbour, head buried in her hands, sobbing at the way the country she stands for has become a laughing stock.

Robert Readman

Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth