I WOULD like to publicly thank CSAS officer Bori who has worked within the Boscombe Precinct area for some time now.

He leaves to carry out the role within the Poole area, this officer has worked extremely hard in Boscombe, and is a firm but fair man in dealing with the numerous incidents that occur within the area.

His dedication and hard work will be missed by many, and I can assure residents in Poole that you are going to be getting a man who is respected by many for his commitment to the community in Boscombe.

He has had to put up with personal attacks on him when dealing with more colourful characters in Boscombe and always acts in a professional manner no matter what the provocation.

Our loss is Poole’s gain, his working in Boscombe did make a difference to many.

I and many others wish him well in his new role.


Argyll Road, Bournemouth