I APPLIED for the renewal of my Blue Badge in good time as advised to by BCP Council. I subsequently received acknowledgement on June 23. I chased it up several times as my current badge expired on September 15.

I was told that it has been approved and that the expiry date had been extended to October 30 (nothing in writing about this though) and my Blue Badge should reach me before then. I received an email this morning now asking for the fee so am very hopeful I will soon be in receipt of my new badge.

I wonder if any other readers have also experienced this very long delay.

Yes, I know there is a pandemic and these are challenging times but a delay of over 13 weeks seems rather excessive!

I did, however, notice in Saturday’s Daily Telegraph that one of their readers in Galhampton, Somerset, has also experienced delays due to staff having to work from home.


Alumhurst Road, Bournemouth