DURING Climate Week, Harriet Stewart-Jones in her headline Echo letter makes an excellent case for keeping our precious wildlife habitats, just as we hear Prince Charles’ stark warnings on our diminishing window of survival (Echo, September 21).

He says, “The environmental crisis has been with us for far too many years –decried, denigrated and denied. It is now rapidly becoming a comprehensive catastrophe that will dwarf the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.”

Boris Johnson tells us that it is a moral obligation to send our youngsters to school. Where presumably they’ll be told they must, post-2050, pay for all the carbon we are being allowed to pour into our collective atmosphere.

He’ll explain this was nothing to do with him but a legacy from the adults at the Conference of the Parties 21 (Paris 2015) who did not want to have to pay themselves.

Boris will also fess up that, sorry he forgot to tell the class, that Professor Sir David King, previously the government’s chief scientific adviser, has warned of billions of climate deaths in a few years. But he, Boris, has a cunning plan; we’ll Build Back Better. Zero carbon! Pause for the school orchestra and choir to burst into a rousing chorus of, “Congratulations!”

Boris will then relay the news that the wealthiest one per cent of the world’s population have more or less gobbled up the world’s carbon budget. But luckily and just in the nick of time he’ll give them the Earth Charter policies of Avonwood Primary School. So they can kiss Mother Nature back to life, Dig for Victory, Sew and Save, Salvage and Survive as ecosystems and pollinators are rescued.

He’ll be so proud to announce their homes and schools will get 98 per cent energy from the sun and battery (and that nice wind farm to help in the winter). He’ll laugh and say he was just teasing; their future does not need to be sacrificed to the fossil fuel industry after all. And they’ll hear how wise policies and taxes will help provide the climate jobs, abundant biodiversity, cornucopia of harvests and zero carbon infrastructure needed for their safe future.

Thanks Boris!


Parkwood Road, Southbourne