AS a local resident, rather than as a BCP councillor, I am extremely concerned about the closure of Leven Avenue in Talbot Woods.

The ward councillors have been working hard to represent what many local residents are telling them and to get the council to think again. However, the lack of consultation by the council has made that a near impossible task.

I have been in detailed correspondence with the Unity Alliance portfolio holder, Cllr Andy Hadley, who has made the decision about Leven Avenue and I have pointed out to him the practical issues that will inevitably result from the closure of the road, once traffic levels return to pre-Covid levels.

There would appear to be no tangible advantages to anybody, and it is hard to see any logic to the decision, other than to frustrate motorists. It certainly does not improve the appearance of the area with its complex array of planters, signs and traffic cones.

Apart from the inevitable increased congestion that will be caused at the Branksome Wood Road and Glenferness Avenue junction, which at peak times is already at capacity, there will be a major new burden for it caused by all road users being forced to use this route, especially those travelling west and turning right up Glenferness Avenue. The traffic light filter and any revised phasing of the lights are unlikely to cope at peak times.

However, what has not been thought about is that the closure of Leven Avenue will almost certainly open up two new rat runs for motorists trying to avoid the junction, on roads that are entirely unsuitable for additional traffic.

Entirely predictably these will have a very unwelcome effect on the residents in those roads which will cause them unnecessary harm in otherwise quiet residential roads.

It’s no good blaming the government for a local scheme for which the administration running the local council is entirely responsible.

This scheme has no merit and as a previous correspondent has suggested, the council administration should be judged, not by what powers they are given by government, but how they choose to use them locally.


Westbourne and West Cliff Ward, BCP Council