MY family has been making covers to the showmen for 50 years.

We have attended Coles Funfair this partly to support them in this difficult time where showmen have not had financial help in this pandemic.

I have to say the fair has spent lots of money and time to make sure the fair is a safe place to bring families while we live with Covid-19. Lots of sanitizer points everywhere around the fair with plenty of signage to direct people to the stations.

We witnessed fairground workers washing the seats and rides with sanitizer before and after my family got on the rides. They also had masks on when taking the money.

I felt safer than going into a shop where others did not have to wear masks. Please can you add this to your news as not everyone in the area feels scared or angry that the fair is open.

My wife is a nurse and fully understands about the rules. Although we all want to help get rid of this Covid-19, we also need to work together and support one another.

WAYNE ROBERTS West Way, Broadstone