IN a national newspaper I was informed coronavirus has dropped to the number 24th biggest killer in England – yes, that’s right, only 1.4 per cent of deaths in August were due to the virus. In other words 98.6 per cent were killed by other diseases!

Is it not time this panic and obsession with coronavirus was rationalised? Yes many more have proved positive, due to an increase in testing, but of the many thousand tested positive, 99 per cent seem to recover on their own accord, or don’t even feel ill!

In the last 15 years over one million people died of flu in the UK. In fact, 45,000 would have been a good year as it has risen to over 60,000 some years! This is caused by a new virus or strain which our jab is useless against. Do we lock down? No. Do we wear masks? No. Do we not touch, meet together? No. We get on with it as giving in causes untold damage to our society, as the coronavirus has.

I am sorry to say but I am 79 and still hug my family, and shake my friends’ hands. Could we please put this virus in prospective before it bankrupts the country and causes rifts between family and friends?


Howarth Road, Bournemouth