I FOUND it appalling and disrespectful that not long after two local unity councillors had been buried, local Conservatives were diving in to take control of BCP Council like junkies after a fix.

Whatever you think of the unity alliance performance, it could quite easily have waited until the next local elections and it was embarrassing and shameful to watch.

Since the unity alliance took over, it was a difficult period with the BCP Council merger, lots of different changing instructions from central government about Covid to deal with and, of course, local Conservatives and public condemning the possible road alterations without consultation when totally inadequate time was given to properly plan and implement the same before any money would be gone.

As a national party your government stored hardly any PPE before the pandemic (probably to save money) and closed many hospital beds as well as other reasons leading to many deaths including doctors, nurses and care workers, so I question whether you should be in charge of anything right now. It is a good job it wasn’t a more lethal virus, otherwise, we would have been really stuffed.

Together with supporting the bedroom tax, failing to build hardly any really affordable social housing, leaving many people with short, insecure tenancies in private housing with ridiculous sky high unsustainable rents, high long distance rail fares, the closing of many local toilets pre-Covid and not supporting a local diving club, I am amazed you have had the cheek to put yourselves forward at this point in time.


Stevenson Avenue, Bournemouth