IT SEEMS that quite often I open my Daily Echo and see the image of Cllr Hadley, cabinet member for transport, heading an article concerning another deferred council scheme devised to promote cycling/walking at the expense of the motorist.

Be it the East cliff and Southbourne road closures or Glenferness Avenue cycle lanes and proposed bollard fiasco (and probably much more on his agenda), he seems to be hell bent on pushing through all these schemes apparently without proper full consultation with the public who might be affected.

Maybe he should be told to represent ALL the local council tax payers, not just the cyclists who will probably not be in evidence in the winter when the weather is bad?

If there is any funding available, maybe the council might be better appreciated if they could improve the condition of the roads, existing cycleways and pavements to make travel safer for all?


Copythorne Close, Bournemouth