I FEEL I must respond to Dr Martin Roger’s letter, in which he criticises my praise of Boris Johnson and his stance on the singing of Rule Britannia at the last night of the Proms.

He goes on to say that he feels how ill-equipped Mr Johnson is to pass judgement on our history, traditions and culture and that he is a privileged toff of the first order. Not sure why that should prevent him from giving an opinion, after all he is prime minister.

He also says that his background should give me pause for thought. Well now let me enlighten Mr Roger, because I don’t happen to believe that background comes into it.

I happen to come from the opposite end of the spectrum to Boris Johnson.

For the first nine years of my life we lived in a rented house with an outside toilet, no bathroom or central heating. After that I was brought up on a council estate and I had a secondary education.

I was at one time a shop steward and convenor at a local manufacturing company, does all of this preclude me from agreeing with Mr Johnson?

Mr Roger also mentions the BLM activities having brought about an interest in our history. Well haven’t we always had an interest in our history?

Over the years I have had friends and relations who are black and they have been as patriotic as I am, but that’s another story for another day.


Harkwood Drive, Hamworthy