I HAVE watched in horror as the profligate spenders of taxpayers’ money at the council planned so-called “cycle friendly” schemes on the East Cliff and Southbourne Overcliff.

As someone who cycles both regularly it is obvious to me that they do not need any tinkering as they are wide and the traffic of all kinds flows well.

Now we have the Glenferness Avenue scheme. This is positively dangerous. I live in Talbot Woods and the new scheme consigns cyclists to second class roads. Already the cycle lane is punctuated by tree roots and poor road surface.

Now, with the addition of ghetto-forming bollards, all the leaf litter and pine needles will just accumulate and make cycling impossible as the road sweepers will not be able to access it. It will force cyclists into the main carriageway which, itself is uneven and poor quality.

Moreover, the council seem to think that every cyclist is just going through the area and does not turn off. At present because Glenferness Avenue is wide it is possible to turn right off it and for traffic to pass on one’s inside. In future traffic will either have to wait or take a much closer line. This will cause conflict.

The scheme is unnecessary, dangerous, ill thought through and a waste of money. If the council really want to help us cyclists they should not consign us to the leaf strewn margins but just resurface the road.


Elgin Road, Bournemouth