THE premise that the overall effect of closing Leven Avenue to through traffic will be to reduce pollution and congestion doesn’t hold water.

Motorised traffic proceeding westwards on Branksome Woods Road – no longer able to turn right into Leven Avenue and thence into Glenferness Avenue – will form queues towards the traffic lights at the junction with Glenferness Avenue, blocking those wishing to proceed towards Poole.

The congestion already in evidence at peak hours on this important artery will be exacerbated; the stop-go, stop-go will cause pollution.

As for cyclists’ safety (another stated aim of this proposal) cyclists wishing to cross over from Leven Avenue into Glenferness Avenue will have more difficulty in finding a gap in the traffic, none of which will now be turning left into Leven Avenue, but all of which will be hurtling down towards the traffic lights.

There isn’t a safety issue at the moment – why create one?

The former Poole and Christchurch councillors who now form the Unity Alliance cabinet should show more savvy and common sense, and ditch this rushed through and ill-conceived experiment.


Hon. Alderman & former councillor for Talbot & Branksome Woods Ward.

Dunkeld Road, Talbot Woods