AS resident of Oakdale for over 12 years, I am deeply concerned at the decision by BCP Council to close the access road at Darby’s Lane.

This road is used by hundreds of drivers every week to commute to and from Poole and surrounding areas. I was surprised to find that whilst commuting to work, I drove down Darby’s Lane to find it blocked with orange barriers and had to take a longer route into town.

These orange barriers have now been bolstered with large wooden planters which give the appearance of a permanent fixture.

When did it become acceptable for roads to be closed by BCP without any public consultation or research into the consequences of such action?

In the past few days, I have become aware of other closures around Poole and Bournemouth, again taking motorist by surprise and without consultation. This appears to be an attempt to yet again force motorists off the roads and restrict movement. However, this creates more traffic pollution because traffic is being forced to make longer journeys to work etc.

Isn’t it time that we regained our democracy and our roads from these self-serving councillors?


Old Farm Road, Poole