OVER the last few days, people have put forward their views reference the proposed closure of sections of Southbourne and Boscombe Overcliff Drives.

What I find interesting is the cabinet member, Cllr Andy Hadley, has not given much thought to the residents views on this matter. His very position is to listen and support residents, with a strong scrutiny panel for all members that are on that panel before moving forward with any changes.

He has not taken into account the people that live and work in this area. I wonder has he asked for their thoughts on this matter.

I support cycling and or walking, but closing a main road to facilitate this is an ill-thought out idea.

I think it is an idea that this gentleman has felt the need to put forward, with no regard for the consequences of people living and working in the area. It’s quite ridiculous and requires further discussions.

As each day passes, we have ideas put forward regarding improvements to our flow of traffic. It seems Cllr Hadley has money to spend come what may. Well there are many potholes to deal with in our town as a start.

Today I find Victoria Park Road is another gem. However, the residents seem to have concerns. I find a common thread running through all of this. Where is the scrutiny panel? Scrutiny is an important tool which should and must be used, if not used in the correct manner. I am sure Cllr Hadley will find councillors showing concerns.

On Monday, Cllr Hadley explained that he didn’t like loudhailer politics, I would say Cllr Mike Green and others are showing concerns. I note Mr Weller is a resident. He stated in the latest article he feels the residents were not consulted. To consult with the people that will be most affected is paramount in puttering forward any plan. I hope this will take place now.


Greenacres Close, Bournemouth