WITH Poole town itself more or less dead from the Arndale Centre [Dolphin Centre] down to the quay, great care must be taken to preserve what remains of the rest of the town.

Our beautiful art deco civic centre, with its lovely open staircase, marbled floor and resplendent council chamber must not be allowed to be sacrificed for yet more new build.

A sentiment that applies to Poole Stadium, a venue that with a little foresight and minimal updating could still continue to support greyhound racing, speedway and maybe even at some stage, football.

How far do you have to travel to find an arena that supports more than one outdoor sport? Think about it.

And finally the Lighthouse, which has fallen on tough times since the coronavirus outbreak. We should all make an extra effort to support it, so that it can continue to entertain the public for years to come, and hopefully recover from its financial worries.


Cavan Crescent, Waterloo Estate, Poole