THERE is an impending pet crisis in this country as the coronavirus pandemic threatens animal welfare charities and pet owners alike. Pet charity Blue Cross is calling on the government to not ignore the signs and act quickly before it’s too late.

Blue Cross has seen how distressing the pandemic has been for many pet owners and have carried out research showing how irresponsible breeders have been taking advantage of the situation. Prices for puppies being sold online have rocketed – with popular breeds such as French bulldogs rising over 40 per cent to an average of £2,500 – and more and more sick and underage puppies are being smuggled, farmed or illegally sold, and sadly, many end up needing veterinary care, or worse dying.

The research also found that 13 per cent of pet owners have said they, or someone in their household, started to claim universal credit since the crisis began so charity services, like Blue Cross hospitals and rehoming centres, have never been needed more.

In addition, there are concerns that lots of smaller rescue centres will be forced to close because of lack of funds as a result of the virus; putting more pressure on remaining rescues to step in for these animals. Animal charities need help following this new crisis as more pets are expecting to need care.

The government needs to act to help pets and the people who love and rely on them.

All your readers can support us and pet charities in preventing a further crisis by not buying from untrustworthy online adverts and support our call for government action by writing to their local MP.

The Blue Cross full report and range of recommendations can be read at


Blue Cross pet charity, Shilton Road, Burford, Oxon